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Pipi the restaurant has been in Havelock North for just over 7 years and before that she was in Greytown for just under four years. On the 24th December 2010 Pipi Bar opened just over the road from the restaurant. The idea with this was to give people somewhere to wait until a table became available at the restaurant. And also to create a private, happy space for those who felt like a drink. Now it is time for Pipi the truck.

Why is Pipi doing it?
Pipi Cafe all ways liked the idea of being able to make pizzas anywhere, outside your front door, on the top of a mountain, deep in a forest or on a wild West Coast beach. The idea of being completely self-sufficient is also appealing. Alexandra was a founding partner of Fuel Espresso, a coffee business which set up one of the first mobile coffee carts in New Zealand. And has always wanted to do the same thing with pizza. Pipi finds it very hard to sit still. Pipi, the idea, has so much to say and a truck making pizza is another good way of doing this. It’s fun.

Where will Pipi Truck be?
So Pipi is rather an old fashioned girl and has never really approved of technology, but now she sees the truck as a way of letting go of these old ideas and embracing them head on. Pipi the truck will have a facebook page that will have constant up dates of her whereabouts and goings on and this will be linked to twitter . On any given night the truck could turn up down your street, in a paddock at Poukawa for a wedding, at a local event or behind the Pipi bar helping the mothership feed the people.

What will she be cooking?
Most of the favourite pizzas from the restaurant menu and some new specials.

Competition now closed- congratulations to 100 pizza party winner Brit Sullivan!